Section I. - Introduction

Central to SYMMIO's trustless design - streamlining disputes.

The current version of SYMM v0.82 only has one case where trustlessness in the system is challenged, and its when a hedger does not respond to a close request of the user. An unresponsive Hedger at a Trade CLOSING request [CRITICAL & disputable] The issue is easily fixable by implementing an oracle-based Force Close, which is already done & will be made live via v0.83, force close means the position of a non responsive Hedger gets closed without his consent by the user on oracle price. Section IV. - FC (oracle)

While the peer to peer and bilateral nature of the system are fundamental to removing trust assumptions, without the ability to dispute and punish dishonest behavior in the hands of participants, certain players (e.g. hedgers) could abuse their position of power for personal gain.

To slash dishonest players through disputes therefore lies at the core of SYMMIO's trustless design but streamlining potential disagreements between involved parties is challenging as navigating disputes in a decentralized landscape is not an easy task, given the complexity of validating the veracity of claims.

However, by honing in on and refining the primary disputable actions, SYMMIO cultivates an economically incentivized environment where disputes can be resolved automatically. Practically by breaking down certain behaviours into their smallest "disputable actions", the process can be streamlined.

Example - Disputable Action

An unresponsive Hedger during a closing request is the first and currently most important streamlined disputable action, let's understand why:

An unresponsive Hedger at a Trade CLOSING request [CRITICAL & disputable]

In SYMMIO a User's close request is the most important and therefore a critical & disputable action. A requirement to these disputes is the user's request to close a trade and the subsequent non-action of the Hedger. The stakes rise when a hedger doesn't respond to a closing request, as the user is then effectively "locked" in the trade, unable to exit. This non-response from a Hedger translates to a user's inability to settle their positionβ€”a critical aspect of trading.

An unresponsive Hedger at a Trade opening request [MINOR & not disputable]

SYMMIO acknowledges scenarios where hedgers may neglect trade opening requests, whether out of malicious intent, technical hiccups, or unexpected situations. In an RFQ system, an unresponsive Solver is a minor setback as users can easily shift their requests to another Solver by either newly requesting or whitelisting multiple solvers from the start.

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