SYMMIO Protocol USPs

Utilizing Symmetrical Agreements

Every trade within SYMMIO manifests as a Symmetrical Agreement between Party A and Party B, each side maintaining a position that mirrors yet counterbalances the other, where one side's win creates a loss for the other, and vice versa.

All trades are Isolated.

Each transaction is fully isolated only between the two parties. The SYMMIO protocol's advantage lies in its isolation. Each trade is a closed loop, a self-contained instance where no loss can leak beyond the boundaries set by these two parties.

Capital Efficiency

Instead of the standard LP-centric models, where liquidity providers take on systemic risk, SYMMIO isolates risk per "Symmetrical Agreement," an isolated instance between two parties.

This innovative approach paves the way for unprecedented capital efficiency. While also bypassing the throughput limitations of on-chain order books.

With SYMMIO, we're not just evolving the game but redefining it.

The SYMMIO approach creates unparalleled capital efficiency.

SYMMIO is a new Trading Primitive

SYMMIO is more than just a new derivative exchange platform;

it's a new primitive for Trading and how Orders are processed, and Matchmaked just like AMMs, "Automated Market Makers" for spot-DEXs SYMMIO created the concept of AMFQs of "Automated Markets for Quotes" for derivatives-DEXs.

It's a new way of handling on-chain orders and is especially efficient in facilitating on-chain derivatives, futures, or perpetual trading.

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