The Protocol Suite

Introducing the SYMMIO Protocol Suite

As SYMMIO is a dedicated protocol devised for trading Symmetrical Derivatives.

At it's core the protocol sets a communication standard for how Intents (Quotes) should be formulated, sent, received, read, reserved, cancelled and accepted or rejected. read more in our technical documentation.

Recognized as a derivatives protocol suite, SYMMIO is a set of rules that define the standard for on-chain communications which can be utilized for Symmetrical Trading, leveraging Intents & automated Markets for Quotes (AMFQ), creating a request-based trading framework for permissionless on-chain derivatives.

The foundations of the suite comprise the Ethereum protocol (written in Solidity deployable on any EVM chain), the SYMMIO protocol suite, the Frontend SDK, and a potential permissionless driver system.

The SYMMIO protocol suite furnishes the tools for enabling Intent based AMFQ on-chain communication, therefore precisely defining how quotes should be structured, requested, and accepted, designed to create and trade permissionless onchain derivatives. With its unique features and capabilities, SYMMIO is poised to become the go-to protocol for on-chain derivatives trading. The following sections will further explain why.

Inspired by the concept of RFQs, OTC derivatives, and bilateral agreements using Intents & automated Markets For Quotes instead of virtual AMMs or OrderBooks.

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