đŸĨžToken distribution

Token distribution

(132,080088 $SYMM) - 15% will be reserved for Liquidity/Market Making incentives, vested over 4 years.

(748,000,000 $SYMM) - 85% will be distributed to Team (20,40%), Seed (29%) & Public Investors (35,6%).

Frontend NFTs

Locked NFTs refer to pre-locked $SYMM to be lend to Early adopter frontend Partners for discounted profit shares. Perps - Settlement Costs

Inflation Post Launch

Beyond the vesting period, SYMMIO moves towards zero inflation. Farming incentives will be distributed evenly, after which the SYMM DAO can decide if protocol revenue should be redirected to Liquidity Farms or if other incentive structures should be created.

This inflation mechanism operates alongside the deflationary aspects, with farming incentives smoothly rolled out over this four-year timeframe.

All these mechanisms blend to create a sustainable and balanced tokenomics model for $SYMM tokens.

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