Part V.

Revolutionizing DeFi

User Education and Scaling Strategy

Building on our previous chapters, we will now discuss our unique approach to user education and our plans to scale SYMM IO. The essence of SYMMIO is to foster inclusivity in decentralized finance. Our strategy involves educating traders and liquidity providers about the value they can obtain from using our system.

User Education

At SYMMIO, we believe that knowledge is power. Our educational content is, therefore, designed based on our target audience's needs. For everyday users, we simplify complex DeFi concepts, ensuring they understand the benefits they stand to gain from our system. For instance, we explain how SYMMIO allows them to pay less in fees and gain access to a larger pool of assets for trading.

For market makers and liquidity providers, we delve deeper into the workings of our system. We educate them about how they can become liquidity providers and this role's unique opportunities.

Trade Monitoring and Transparency

SYMMIO is built on a foundation of transparency. As such, we make it a point to keep our users updated about ongoing trades, even those we execute as developers. This approach not only gives users insights into the workings of our platform but also builds confidence in our system.

We believe this transparent approach will pave the way for a new variety of DeFi products. For the first time, you can create isolated accounts within SYMM IO, where trades are cross-referenced within the account but isolated from other accounts. We are also exploring making these accounts tradable, which means you could send the full balance, use it as collateral, or integrate it into a DeFi product.

Scaling Strategy

Our growth strategy is to enable other DEXs to integrate our system. We have realized that many DEXs strongly desire to offer perpetual contracts but struggle to attract liquidity. With SYMMIO, these DEXs can integrate our system and access all the liquidity we have in the whole system. This is because our liquidity is not locked in one place; it's request-based. Therefore, a liquidity provider on our platform can simultaneously provide liquidity to numerous front ends, accepting trades from various platforms.

This approach will allow us to scale our product, providing it as Software as a Service (SaaS) to various DEXs, earning fees, and conducting profit sharing between the DEXs and us. This strategy is essential for our business to grow.

Embracing Change

In this rapidly evolving DeFi space, SYMMIO is unafraid to tackle tough questions and adapt to new market realities. In our journey, we talked about tokenizing real-world assets like real estate. However, while this might seem attractive, the legal and trust issues associated with such tokenization make it currently unfeasible.

Crypto is best suited for creating trustless financial systems, not legal constructs. However, we remain open to the possibilities and continue to engage in these discussions to understand better and leverage emerging trends in the DeFi space.

In the final chapter, we will discuss our vision for SYMMIO and how we plan to keep pushing the boundaries in the DeFi space.

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