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Profit Sharing Model

SYMMIO Fee Sharing Program

Welcome to the SYMMIO Fee Sharing Program! In our commitment to drive innovation, encourage collaboration and foster the growth of our network, we're delighted to introduce our Fee Sharing Program, specially designed for frontends building on top of SYMMIO.

Program Overview

This program aims to provide a significant fee rebate to frontends, incentivizing increased $SYMM holdings. This will, in turn, drive the overall growth of SYMMIO.
Here is an outline of our current model:
  • Frontends generating 10M in monthly volume or holding 0.0625% of $SYMM will receive a 30% fee rebate
  • Frontends generating 25M in monthly volume or holding 0.125% of $SYMM will receive a 40% fee rebate
  • Frontends generating 50M in monthly volume or holding 0.25% of $SYMM will receive a 50% fee rebate
  • Frontends generating 100M in monthly volume or holding 0.5% of $SYMM will receive a 60% fee rebate
  • Frontends generating 1B in monthly volume (34m per day) or holding 1% of $SYMM will receive a 70% fee rebate
  • Frontends generating 10B in monthly volume (167m per day) or holding 2% of $SYMM will receive a 80% fee rebate
  • Frontends generating 30B in monthly volume (333m per day) or holding 4% of $SYMM will receive a 85% fee rebate
Please note that these thresholds are subject to adjustment, and we aim to optimize them in the best interest of our frontend partners and the wider SYMMIO network.

Early Adopter Program

We understand early adopters' crucial role in successfully growing and adopting new technologies. To appreciate and reward this, we are launching an "Early Adopter Program" where the first five frontends will be given special deals to push our adoption at the beginning.
During the Early Adopter Program, Frontends will start earning 60% of the profit right away.

Early adopter Frontends:

Profit Share
  1. 1.
  1. 2.
    Based Markets
  1. 3.

Final Note

By creating this Fee Sharing Program, we aim to foster an ecosystem where collaboration and mutual growth are at the forefront. We firmly believe that this symbiotic relationship with frontends will enhance the overall strength, stability, and prosperity of the SYMMIO network.
We encourage all frontends to participate in this program and join us in revolutionizing the SYMMIO landscape.
For any further information, please check out our SDK - SYMM client Hedger documentation Technical documentation
or contact us via Discord or email us at [email protected]
All rights to the people (c) 2023 Symmetry Labs A.G.