The SymmioPartyA contract serves as a proxy for users to interact with the Symmio platform via their respective sub-accounts. Each sub-account, represented by an instance of SymmioPartyA, can forward calls to the Symmio diamond. Here's a detailed breakdown of the functionalities and features provided by this contract:


Initializes a new SymmioPartyA contract with specific roles and addresses.

    constructor(address admin, address multiAccountAddress, address symmioAddress_) {
        _grantRole(DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE, admin);
        _grantRole(MULTIACCOUNT_ROLE, multiAccountAddress);
        symmioAddress = symmioAddress_;
  • Parameters:

    • admin: The administrator of the contract who is granted the DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE.

    • multiAccountAddress: The address of the MultiAccount contract, granted the MULTIACCOUNT_ROLE to allow it to make calls on behalf of the sub-account.

    • symmioAddress_: The initial address of the Symmio platform contract to which all calls will be forwarded.

  • Operations:

    • Grants DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE to admin.

    • Grants MULTIACCOUNT_ROLE to multiAccountAddress.

    • Sets the initial Symmio platform address (this is the Diamond).


Updates the address of the Symmio platform contract. Only an account with DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE can invoke this function.

    function setSymmioAddress(address symmioAddress_) external onlyRole(DEFAULT_ADMIN_ROLE) {
        emit SetSymmioAddress(symmioAddress, symmioAddress_);
        symmioAddress = symmioAddress_;


  • symmioAddress_: The new address of the Symmio platform.


  • Emits a SetSymmioAddress event containing the old and new addresses.

  • Updates the symmioAddress state variable.


    event SetSymmioAddress(address oldV3ContractAddress, address newV3ContractAddress);


Forwards calls from the SymmioPartyA contract to the Symmio platform. This method is crucial for interacting with the Symmio functionalities through sub-accounts. Only an account with MULTIACCOUNT_ROLE can invoke this function, meaning only the MultiAccount contract can direct actions.

    function _call(bytes memory _callData) external onlyRole(MULTIACCOUNT_ROLE) returns (bool _success, bytes memory _resultData) {
        return{ value: 0 }(_callData);


  • _callData: The bytecode of the function call to be forwarded to the Symmio platform.


  • _success: A boolean indicating whether the call was successful.

  • _resultData: The data returned from the call if successful, or error information if the call failed.

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