🟡SYMM - The Token

$SYMM - Total Supply 880,080,088 tokens.

Utility of $SYMM

The $SYMM token has 3 simple use-cases:

Staking $SYMM to earn revenue from all SYMMIO trades.

Staked $SYMM earn 100% of all SYMMIO protocol revenue across all frontends.

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Holding $SYMM to get fee rebates

$SYMM allows traders, frontends, to receive fee rebates when trading on SYMMIO or offering others to trade.

This especially incentivizes high-volume users like Frontends to buy and hold $SYMM.

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Using $SYMM as a Fee token (similar to Binance $BNB)

Additionally, $SYMM can be used to pay trading fees, offering traders (in collaboration with Frontends) or market makers a discount. Notably, $SYMM used for fee payments will be permanently burnt, introducing a deflationary aspect to the token economy.


Holding $SYMM will also grant users governance rights, which can be exercised in the later-introduced on-chain and off-chain snapshot-based voting systems.

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