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Roadmap 2023 (SYMM v0.82)

Product rollout time horizon
Below is a comprehensive roadmap outlining the planned course of action and milestone events for SYMMIO over the coming months:

2023 Q2 - releasing v0.8:

Offering USDT-based futures trading - 1-2M up to unlimited Open Interest (completed)
(Connected to Binance CEX Mainnet)

BSC deployment (completed

The focus during this period will be on deploying SYMMIO on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This deployment will serve as an initial test in anticipation of integrating our forthcoming front-end partnership on BSC with Thena, as the first external frontend called "ALPHA" on the BSC Network in a closed beta format, marking a crucial next step in developing our platform.

Sherlock Audit (completed Security (Audits))

The Sherlock Audit contest will be a significant initiative to ensure our platform's utmost security and reliability. This audit & insurance coverage will ensure the seamless performance of our platform before the public launch.

New features (IN DEVELOPMENT)

Preparations will begin for the first iteration of pair trading. We aim to offer 100 markets, such as BTC/ETH, LINK/BTC, and many more.
We will develop new features to enhance our platform's functionality. These features include Stop Loss, Take Profit, Multi-positions (which will be used for pair trading), and Funding Implementation. In addition, we will be working on upgrades for our existing contracts.

2023 Q3 - release of v0.81:

Offering USDT-based futures trading - 2-5M up to unlimited Open Interest
(Connected to Binance CEX Mainnet)
The upgraded contracts will be audited during this time. This process is vital for ensuring the robustness and security of our features, including the Stop Loss function.
Version 0.81 will focus on testing SYMMIO final implementation with all features in a set period of time. During this phase, the insurance coverage and bug bounty will remain higher than the maximum possible deposit amount for all users. This ensures that all user deposits are fully insured in case of smart contract issues.
All final features will be meticulously audited and tested, with full coverage, for as long as necessary. Upon satisfactory testing results, deposit caps can be lifted, setting the stage for the "mainnet" launch.

2023 Q4 - Mainnet Launch release of v0.82:

Offering USDT-based futures trading - 20M up to unlimited Open Interest
(Potentially connected to any Exchange, TradingDesk, MarketMaker, or Liquidity Provider)
The mainnet launch allows external Market Makers to become SYMMIO first Hedgers, leveraging the platform's capital efficiency for infinite scaling of derivatives liquidity. Post-launch, the team's primary objective will be onboarding Market Makers and Frontends to offer the aMFQ Infrastructure to the on-chain economy. On top, we are already planning to develop exciting features like an Open Marketplace for Closes, Netting, and position-based NFTs.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates in 2024.
This upgraded and thoroughly audited v0.82 Mainnet version will represent a major milestone in our journey, bringing our vision of a superior, user-friendly, and highly efficient trading platform to fruition.
Ongoing Business Development related progress
As we progress along this roadmap, we are committed to maintaining our core values of transparency, user-centric design, and innovative technology. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the DeFi landscape, and every step on this roadmap brings us closer to this ambition.
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